When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…




The lights are off       The music  on

It rains    outside   

         You could not remember
         I deceive
         The air had your smell
         Complicity-perfumed breeze
         I could not care anymore
         Conniving wind
         Extended stillness
         Passion-scented stillness
         You lied

The night is on   

After-rain freshness enters my unreality   

The air has your breeze

You are close

I dream

I lie

_____Adriana Citlali

Tonight I am writing under the influence of beautiful, melancholic music.

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Amelia wrote a list


Video   He   Guitar   Pink Floyd   –archive
Tattoo   He   Phone   Pills   –attenuate
Photo   She   Mirror   Voices   –fade away


Rose   He   Candles   Breakfast kiss   –frame
Wine   He   Passion   Midsummer indulgence   –preserve
Sculpture   She   Wings   Twilight ephemerality   –save


You   He   Face   Man   –contemplate
He?   You?   Ghost   Others   –observe
Amelia   She   Reflection   Path   –embrace


Possibility   Instant   Expectation   Dream    — …

_____Adriana Citlali

Meeting the Bar ~ I’ve Got a Little List | dVerse.



News of the day

October 22    

I wait for you at the fountain across the theatre    
A street-violinist plays “Cielito Lindo”    
I can’t but think about forty three Mexican students missing in Guerrero    
              thousands of deaths    –the North America drug war
          a world happy with Mexico’s oil privatisation
       Mexico to open a new embassy in Oslo
                     to seek inspiration in Norway’s oil strategy
        downturn in the world’s energy sector
       Total’s CEO dying today in a Moscow plane crash
What a mess!


Our eyes smile
I pack thoughts & phone in my bag
You greet me with a hug
We stroll the city        discuss lunch


An eastern-european woman begs at the corner
where local policemen practice street combat
Oslo police does not carry guns
We smoke a cigarette        share some news


People texts and walks in the rain
Most locals wear skinny jeans and flat shoes
This city hasn’t seen the sun for many days
Has the world seen it?

_____Adriana Citlali

NY Times 43 Missing Students, a Mass Grave and a Suspect: Mexico’s Police



I will fall again

I fall under the influence of the blues  
    beats and sounds  
this silence and that elusive sharp note  

I wait until you feel as I do  
until you observe rhythms in the moon  
  until my hand is held by yours  

We dance at a melancholic tune
full of jazz-richness
bursting tango-passion
with a slow bolero-beat

The lights are dimmed slowly
We are in a fantasy-looking forest
You lead my steps
I follow with little resistance

One more turn
We are back
  Music  StopS  
You look into my eyes       smile

Time  StopS  with the silence
Your right hand refuses to leave my waist
My body feels the warmth of your touch

Soft sounds reinitiate the clocks

You and I   dance
       fallen under the influence of music

I am smiling
 I’m falling

You pulled me closer
  You fell

   under the influence
Ready to fall again

_____Adriana Citlali


Prompt > dVerse Poetics – Under the Influence of Music :
Today I wrote under the influence of Fallen by Presuntos Implicados & Randy Crawford:


The poetry of the untold

        Almost forgotten  
Waves hitting the corner of your eye   
Words refusing to leave your muted lips   
A touch you take for granted   

Every day   
  Each morning   
     Thru the whole night   

Sounds silenced by the background noise
by that noise –reminder of the relevant
   the atonal background that makes our life monotonous
   that makes us forget the music
   in the details   –vital subtleties deemed soundless

What is your silence?
What fills your day without recognition?
Is it    her    memory or your loneliness?
…   the warmness of the blanket?
…    the kindness in that dream?
Or just forced stillness in your thoughts?

Moments we decide to ignore
Experiences pushed deep into oblivion
Numbness inflicted to believe in the ordinary
Known conformity of the self who hides from oddity
Obstruction of the everyday outliers

        I’ll dream ethereal realities that can’t be forgotten
      I’ll take the risk, paint the canvas, unplug my ears

   But first
I’ll tell the memory, mute the silence, dance the walk, feel the touch!

_____Adriana Citlali


Poetics: In the Corner of Your Eye | dVerse