When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


Poetry blindness

I come to a state of poetry blindness but I chose to write. I write about the challenge of crafting a haibun out of a true birthday story, or a big-looking moon, or both. I struggle and start strolling down a spiral that repeats itself, but not exactly. I write about it. I strive to write about my recent birthday flying west through an extended night, and the closest moon to the Earth since 1948. I wonder if the blindness is real or if it is a consequence of the struggle that keeps curving my path. I chose to write. Super Moon. Birthday. Both. Challenge. Choice. Moon. Day.

Dark November hours — thoughts
trapped in curves without closure
until brightness fills the sky

_____Adriana Citlali

Haibun Monday | dVerse


Then you are!

23:59 — February 18 2030   

Here I am   
Then        you are   

So innocent     you     I?   

I remember holding this same letter   
                           (a weird object)   
                      questioning its authenticity   

Here I am     writing it now   
                      feeling stuck in an anticausal reality
                       — your possible future

Should I tell you about the sky of your tomorrow?
Shall you be protected from tears to come?
                           (Will the joy still follow?)

Here I am     thinking of me     thinking of you
with the power to change it all        to open the alternative path
                                                                (to write a Pandora letter)   

Though    I can             I won’t

                                                   (I wonder how it started to exist in the first place)
                                                           (Was it when I read it first      as you are reading it then?)
                                                            (Or when I wrote it     as I am writing it now?)
                                                             (Was I joking when I first wrote     I remember holding this same letter)

I want you to read the words in my memory  

About today    
  The moon still shines at night
  You are happy
  The path is worth walking      once more  & again
           I would not exchange any tear
                    a single laugh
                    or a casual jump

Here’s your homework
  Can you walk the same path and be as happy as I am?
  If so   burn this letter the night I burnt it     so I can get to write it today

Here’s a clue
  If your future can be the same as mine
  you walked to the balcony and looked at the stars
  right after reading my question about tomorrow’s sky

Here’s the catch
  Can you memorize these words?
  Do you think I did?

Thinking of me     thinking of you

_____Adriana Citlali

Written for Poetics @dVerse.
Have you ever imagined receiving a letter or poem from your future self?


A fantasy sorta story: It is dangerous to walk a dream

The old man strolls the moon     
without any reason     

Sometimes he stops     
to wonder why he walks     

On occasion he forgets the pace
and finds himself running in circles

Some circles had been run often
They are now deep and quiet

He rarely strolls the imaginary dark side
     –empty brightness can be bliss

But today he drew a raven in a crater
that cannot be seen from Earth

A shadowless bird flew around and left
The old man cried alone

His heart wants to draw that memory again
A painful illusion      (ephemeral silhouette)

He shall stroll once more
             with hazy reasons

The old man cries alone

_____Adriana Citlali

Today at dVerse, we got a set of possible characters. The goal is to write a story in a poem with some of them. The story can be a bit of a fairy tale or fantasy. Mine is something in that bit…