When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


The poetry of the untold

        Almost forgotten  
Waves hitting the corner of your eye   
Words refusing to leave your muted lips   
A touch you take for granted   

Every day   
  Each morning   
     Thru the whole night   

Sounds silenced by the background noise
by that noise –reminder of the relevant
   the atonal background that makes our life monotonous
   that makes us forget the music
   in the details   –vital subtleties deemed soundless

What is your silence?
What fills your day without recognition?
Is it    her    memory or your loneliness?
…   the warmness of the blanket?
…    the kindness in that dream?
Or just forced stillness in your thoughts?

Moments we decide to ignore
Experiences pushed deep into oblivion
Numbness inflicted to believe in the ordinary
Known conformity of the self who hides from oddity
Obstruction of the everyday outliers

        I’ll dream ethereal realities that can’t be forgotten
      I’ll take the risk, paint the canvas, unplug my ears

   But first
I’ll tell the memory, mute the silence, dance the walk, feel the touch!

_____Adriana Citlali


Poetics: In the Corner of Your Eye | dVerse


Light up, provoke life!

I want to start again        
                              … with a simple canvas        
ready for a life full of contrast        
    drEamY    CHaOs       
shiny change     
                        uncertain outcome   
                        of known possibilities thru unmapped routes       

       A new day coloured by bubbly sparkles    
      of sweet pear cider and bright jade elixir    

     I want to wake up to a wind of Quetzal wings    
           Eclipse the sunset with supernovas          
    Dance ’round‘a fire that gives birth to new suns    
End the day dreaming under ethereal aurorae borealis       

_____Adriana Citlali

Today at dVerse we are taking a ride on the color wheel.
Follow the link to participate: Poetics | dVerse.