When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


Dimethyltryptamine: the utopian spiral

Eyelids rest to the sharp vision of my eyes    
You are there    
                         dressed in a black that turns purple    

DMT flows freely    

The firebird passes by
A cloud of fine ashes surrounds us both
you vanish     leaving a floating tear      (sad cheshire-cat’s grin)

She falls down a never-ending spiral
                              –it curves in all directions
Down and up she falls
until she finds a fifth dimension

Stravinsky slows down the music

The spiral is flat now
it expands like soft sand in a desert
   Where’s the mirror?

She faints under the roof of a majestic tent
with floating curtains and dry fruit
She is not hungry, she is not thirsty
She just wants to disappear in a long     silent dream

Blackbird wings cover her eyes

Soft music surrounds her shadow
She sheds warm tears and a handful of emptiness
Until the firebird comes back
                              burns the tent

111 moments

She opens her eyes to a roofless sky
Silver clouds melt into a mirror
She reflects few changes and the idea of a smile

You are not you anymore
You are a rare feeling of harmony
So easy to be with
so normal yet unknown

The questions are there
Soft silence in delicate smiles
Limits bounded by known baggage

Ambivalent times



_____Adriana Citlali

Anthony Desmond invites us to take a psychedelic trip today at dVerse: Poetics on DMT. I took mine with a doses of The Firebird by Stravinsky:



Full stop

In the absence of distractions   
my own darkness fills this silence   

Change is here again   
Planned path / unknown outcome   
A life to be –or not   

Too much time   
too many thoughts blinking in the dark   

Arbitrary memories flash here and there   
Fractals of a chaotic dream   
Intermittent doubts   

Change is the next step   

A possible success flutters around   
It crashes with uncertainty   
Transmutes into a full stop   

Temporary silence in a dark room   

Change is constant   

Doubts are doubted   

Silence fills my darkness

Full stop  .

_____Adriana Citlali