When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


Amelia thanks joy — Amelia thanks depression

Amelia contemplated the layers of a day to be thankful.
Joy,      she thanked:

Today I thought of you            maybe
I longed the idea of you         certainly

I missed a smile that  once  made me believe in eternity
that messy hair and the way we laughed at jokes no one else understood
the intimacy
           the transparency we allowed in each others eyes

Today I thought of you            maybe
I thanked the idea of you         certainly

Amelia’s hands are cold. The clouds are low, the snow is wet.
Depression,      she thanked:

Today I longed a memory of you         but not the darkness
I missed the stereo                               not the eggshell carpet
neither the sadness nor the distance
      of those slow days when I felt scared
I don’t miss how the brightness in your irides dimmed
or how that foggy shadow covered it all          us all

Today I forgive the shadow         the fog and your pain
I thank the struggle                        though I can’t forget

In a world of contrasts, Amelia knows tears as an extension of laughter.
Amelia thanks depression.     Amelia thanks joy.

_____Adriana Citlali

Meeting The Bar: Thanksgiving Turkey with a side of Poetry | dVerse.


Pervasive fireplace

You are all fired up   
sending flames of distress instead of cozy warmness   

I question you   
Why not colour this night with dancing sparkles?
Why not share your radiant warmness?
Why not show a smoky smile?

You answer in ardent movements
consuming news in abrasive outbursts
flaming this world’s blood reality
No more reminders of hunger
No more reading material
No more war photos
No empty tears
No deception

Your highly exothermic reaction
stops me from approaching you

    Your explosion shakes me

Ignited red paper articles transmute into grey ash

Maybe you are right
We should all flame those words
SHOUT  at   passive acceptance
Question the deaths
the distress
the power

_____Adriana Citlali

NOTE: Tomorrow, 20th November 2014, we officially celebrate the 104th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution. Today it is difficult to argue that the country is in a position to have any celebration. I do not advocate violence, and do not propose to use it either. However, I do advocate a reaction, to not accept this reality, to fight for human rights, for security, for a stop of violence, a human humanity, peace.

I cannot say that I have been active enough… A poem can be a start.

Today’s fired-up poem got surprisingly inspired by a random choice of an adjective and a noun (pervasive fireplace) after Marina Sofia’s prompt at Poetics: Make the Abstract Concrete… | dVerse.


Colourful freshness: life food

Today at the dVerse | Poets Pub, Abhra asked two interesting questions:
1) Do you feel that your food, in some way or other, defines you?
2) can we use food as metaphor?
Read more at Poetics : Food for thought.

Colourful freshness: life food

I stare at your half emptiness, open the drawer, check the veggies.
Soup? –I ask while I wonder if I should close your door, while I think about the inspiration of the day (leaked coolness equals energy wasted, more entropy, more pollution) —
  Is there any cheese?
Corn tortillas?      Did I finish the olives? Where’s the humus?

How long has it been since I ate red meat?
Shall I go shopping?       Shall I dine out?

I close the door, drink some water. Walk a bit.
    Hmmm! Maybe just a simple salad   and refried beens or soup on the side…
Just salad… or …   Guacamole and salmon!

The door opens:

Creamy avocado greenness,
jalapeño spice, and cilantro balance.
Colourful freshness with a strong hint of lime.
Exploding red tomatoes finely mixed with onion and salt.
Fresh juicy salmon simply touched by wasabi and soya sauce.

My palate tastes:

Mexico finds me in Norway!
Entropy is rearranged in fractal order.
Warmness and heat sparkle vivaciously at contact.
Colourful freshness shines in a northern, November sky!

What a day!

_____Adriana Citlali

¡Feliz cumpleaños Carlos Fuentes!
Happy birthday Kurt Vonnegut!