When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


On trueness and reality

Claudia:    How real do you get in your poetry?  

I craft poems as a reflection of my instantaneous reality  

My poetry evolves with feelings evoked by old memories 
                                         mixed with recent experience
                                         sparkled with salty tears
                                                       or  fugitive     laughs

Anell:      How true is it?

Some poems are so true      they hurt
Some are transparent with a secret
                 accurate through an image
                 obvious just to some

You:      Can a metaphor be true?

Like the sweetness of salted chocolate!

Amelia:    Can a dream become a poem? Are dreams always true?

… just always real

_____Adriana Citlali

Inspired by today’s Pubtalk– How real do you get in your poetry? | dVerse .



Repairing expectations

Dismiss those clumsy dreams   
A fool’s mate is overrated   

Allow a peace meeting   
Let memories flutter around   

Escape if you need to   
Survey the area, squeak through   

Then vanish the shadow   
that got stuck to your sight   

Rub your eyes with reality   
Face north with a smile   

Send the pigeons ahead   
Treat yourself with a laugh   

Report back

_____Adriana Citlali


Wordle 162

Wordle 162


Conversations with a silent cat

Amelia wears blue again   
powders her nose   
and whispers to the cat  

You’re in my thoughts               often
                                       almost  constantly
I was upset with myself
          worried about you

Where were you when I was falling down?

Not that it matters anymore
I know you were hiding
                    afraid,  maybe
                    oblivious for sure
  You are just a cat  after all
                just wildly detached
                        alone by choice
                         lonely at heart

Amelia removes some space
pets her distant company
shares the silence

Your eyes look so sad
Yet you are ready to turn and leave
          without a purr
                        a meow

You’ll be back –said Amelia
You are just a cat!


_____Adriana Citlali

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