When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


Light up, provoke life!

I want to start again        
                              … with a simple canvas        
ready for a life full of contrast        
    drEamY    CHaOs       
shiny change     
                        uncertain outcome   
                        of known possibilities thru unmapped routes       

       A new day coloured by bubbly sparkles    
      of sweet pear cider and bright jade elixir    

     I want to wake up to a wind of Quetzal wings    
           Eclipse the sunset with supernovas          
    Dance ’round‘a fire that gives birth to new suns    
End the day dreaming under ethereal aurorae borealis       

_____Adriana Citlali

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The aztec dream

The Aztec Dream

I want to join that sweet abyss of lethargic dreams
where consciousness is optional
and memories are allowed to disappear

I fear the seconds
the light and the person in the mirror
the one who can’t appreciate solitude

I long for distance, silence
Those ghostly noises can only talk about you

This suffocating reality
                               is an endless bad dream

I want to wake up
disintegrate the nightmare

Join the ancient aztecs in their rhythmic dance
invoke a new sun
wake up to real life


This poem is dedicated to Charlie’s friend…