When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


Confused reality


I heard something   
         –maybe your name   
                        your voice   
                           or smile   

 Fast beats   
Thin air   
     Flushed skin   

I curl my hair with my fingers   
   doubt my disguise   

Do not face the door!   
 Control your anxiety   
Stop  expecting               him        …

             The more you clutter my thoughts
            the less I can    pretend

I tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear

 Sudden laughs
Quick eyes
   Restless hands

            I look down      sit up straight      smile
            Impatient hands flip my hair:
left                              right        left left                right

 Sharp footsteps
Fuzzy eyesight
   Confused reality

It’s not you!
            I touch my forehead
              …   let my hair down

_____Adriana Citlali

for excuse me, there’s a hair in my poem! | dVerse


I need to disappear

Photo by IndigoBlue

  Cover my irides from all light   

  Let the people around fade slowly   
                                 –smoke dissipating into peaceful darkness   
  Cover my ears from coherent sounds   
                                 –random noise losing its volume  
  Let me lie down   

      My lightless wings grow gently   
                –serene brush strokes by a faceless painter  
      I open my arms  
            hug the warmth of absence
            of flying without movement
            of dreaming with no light

      When I need to disappear
                 I melt into a dark-winged angel
                    & fly unaffected by this world

_____Adriana Citlali

Today I read Debi Swim’s blog. I bumped into Death of a Poet, a poem inspired by the photo from indigoblue posted above and the prompt at Poem Tryouts: Take Wing. The photo is artistic and thought-provoking –I had to write a poem!


The memory at the end of the wind

There is an ocean at the precipice of your desired amnesia   

Take the step
                    JUMP!     Surprise the water
Forget it all
             Can you?

Can those waves clean selected echoes inside your head?
Will they remove the memory brought by the wind?
       The one that hit you like a hurricane
          woke you up from false numbness
       The one that provoked you to move again
                         to see the morning sky
                         to feel the breeze on your face

Granted, it brought you to tears

It has that effect on me
but I cherish it nevertheless
Isn’t it reflecting the good times as well?

Do you really want to stop?

Then jump
                    JUMP!  JUMP!     Surprise the water
Forget the wind
                              your past
& us

_____Adriana Citlali

Written after Kerry’s prompt at Imaginary garden with real toads.


Dark, bleeding, noiseless days

Monday was dark  
         scented with coffee  
         as northern fog  

         –you said
can let those colours bleed
         –I stared

Today is noiseless
         only peaceful whispers
         with inky voices

_____Adriana Citlali

The words I just wrote are my first try at tenWord poetry –a form invented by Brian Miller.

In Brian’s words:
“I call this one tenWord, because after ten words no one is listening anyway, or already formulating their response…and what can you say in ten words…”


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A conflict

Air without wind   
           –I’m asking for movement

Desire covered by emptiness   
Hope where fantasy died
           –I’m still asking for motion

  Clouds walking with birds   

                Leaves in windy spirals

           Breeze touching my lips

                      –I am amused by this!

_____Adriana Citlali