When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


Fear is a darkened rose

Fear is a rose with black mask.
Fear is what makes us move.
It is the next step we ought to take.
the uncertainty of turning left or right.
I fear me, I, all and nothing.

Then I walk. I take the road… I step out.
I fall, I run, I dance, I jump.

Fear is the fuel that motivates the one
who thinks challenges are exhilarating
escapades, possibilites, non-sense.

Uncover the rose with me.
Challenge your limits.
Jump those barriers.
Dance with me.

_____Adriana Citlali

This poem was inspired by Grace’s verse “Darkness was just a rose with black mask“, in everyday amazing: Nightscape. This poem is a free verse first attempt. No editing whatsoever… Free to be Free – Meet the Bar | dVerse.


Where’s the respect?

L:   Ohh! How I hate slush!
      and those icy roads
      threatening our contact

R:   Her voice! Her voice complaining
      that our touch is too smooth
      Too slick for the season

L:   Unbelievable!
      Where is the respect?
      When was style forgotten?

R:   The bitch fell down
       So what?
       Everyone falls someday

L:    Winter is coming
      dark days ahead
      back into that closet

R:   Soon forgotten!
       while that bulky pair
       makes the rounds

L:   Oh! So unfair!
      How I hate that stuffy couple
      heavy and slow

R:   They’ve got no manners
      no etiquette
      no heels, no style

L:    Can’t breath here
       it’s too crowded
      I miss the rain …

_____Adriana Citlali


Where's the respect?

Where’s the respect?

This poem is written for dVerse Poetics: A mile in these Shoes.


A passing shadow

You live in a lethargic beat   
devoid of feelings   

By command of a depressed mind   
your emotions are suppressed   
      smashed with anger   
masked by silent indifference   

Dinner comes again   
you mutter sparse words
forced monosyllables
No eye contact

She walks on eggshells
     seats next to you

Trying to reach beneath the mask
she sets to  disturb  the silence
     offers a smile

You utter no words

      The  mask  of  depression
grows like a shadow in a long winter
      darkness touches her too
      drains her spirit
      makes her sad
      sometimes angry

She leaves the kitchen

You stay

_____Adriana Citlali