When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…

Poetry blindness


I come to a state of poetry blindness but I chose to write. I write about the challenge of crafting a haibun out of a true birthday story, or a big-looking moon, or both. I struggle and start strolling down a spiral that repeats itself, but not exactly. I write about it. I strive to write about my recent birthday flying west through an extended night, and the closest moon to the Earth since 1948. I wonder if the blindness is real or if it is a consequence of the struggle that keeps curving my path. I chose to write. Super Moon. Birthday. Both. Challenge. Choice. Moon. Day.

Dark November hours — thoughts
trapped in curves without closure
until brightness fills the sky

_____Adriana Citlali

Haibun Monday | dVerse

Author: Adriana Citlali Ramírez

A citizen of the world, born in Mexico city... A physicist (working as a geophysicist) and a part-time artist (creative writing, oil/acrylic painting, photography)… All posts, visual art, and poems ©Adriana Citlali Ramírez. All rights reserved.

19 thoughts on “Poetry blindness

  1. I’m glad you chose to write this in spite of your “poetry blindness,” Adriana. I feel your struggle here.

  2. I too feel your struggle in this. The haiku is truly lovely and says it all.

  3. I like this a lot. I found this prompt a bit awkward but I tried it anyway. 🙂

  4. Inspiration comes from many things…we just need to be open to them ~ Thanks for joining us ~

  5. Finding inspiration is often found in the process of writing… see afterwards the moon guides your pen,

  6. Yes, we choose to write…beauty in haiku.

  7. sMiLes my friend..
    remembering what
    my favorite psychotherapist
    said.. her name is Karen by
    the way.. when the moon light
    of my emotions dimmed to new
    moon of dark never close to quarter full..
    she said..
    the mind
    and body
    is always
    rewiring for change
    in both neuroplastic
    and epigenetic way
    according to struggle
    of steps or sitting
    then i wrote
    then i danced
    first i took the
    first step
    sparks make fire of life..
    in bRiGht moon eYes of
    iMagiNAtion.. moVinG Creativity sAMe..:)

  8. I can feel this was not easy for you and yet you have created a wonderful haibun and haiku here with the moon’s energy shining through, well done :o)

  9. And you end up writing something wonderful!

  10. This works so well. I think everyone who writes will recognise that state of being! and then out of it comes that lovely haiku. ..

  11. I agree. This does work well. A different approach created something unique and special. Even our struggles to write give us something to write about. It’s a win win! 🙂

  12. Very nice!!

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