When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…

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Amelia in the dark

      What do you do when life comes crashing
                                      into you
like a sound-machine                 that can’t emit silence?

What do I do when January darkness hits me in mid-November? –Amelia questions the lightless air surrounding her. The lightless bricks that keep arranging themselves in front of her eyes. Those perfectly placed fractals that make her feel that life is upside down. Amelia is transported by a speedless rollercoaster into an augmented reality that keeps projecting dark into her irides   .  .  .    Amelia shakes her head —This, too, shall pass.

The clouds up there    dissolve    into fluttering dust.
With one eye open                       Amelia spins back to silence.

_____Adriana Citlali


The jar of a heartbeat


Amelia feels the jar of a heartbeat
wrapped around unspoken words


The phone is ringing
A turmoil of fears clutter her thoughts


Amelia answers
Words are spoken


Amelia releases a secret
Possibilities scatter around


Amelia feels the enchantment of freedom

_____Adriana Citlali

Time for a Quadrille at dVerse: a 44-word poem that has to include today’s word jar.

Source: Quadrille #13 | dVerse


Structured procrastination past midnight

Amelia feels stressed and distressed
  Too tired for productivity
  Too late for adventure
  Too busy for love
  Too early for bed

She looks at the pile of laundry
          –reminds her of one hundred unanswered emails
  Oh,  sweet procrastination!
Amelia runs the dishwasher and sweeps the floor
while adding items to a mental list
    Amelia remembers the big day with a personal deadline
Unclaimed thoughts disrupt her prioritisation attempt
tasks  deadlines  duties  hobbies  meetings  love  notes  reports  reviews  jazz  hopes  reminders  clocks
tik                          tok                     tik                tok           tik         tok      tiK   tIK TIK!

Amelia’s heart is up-tempo
          –her knees flutter like humming-bird wings
   She lies down       –right there    right then
            Amelia scrolls her options
  No time for therapy
  No reason to cry
  No energy to laugh
  No mood for exercise
  No peace for yoga
  No!  NO!

Amelia takes control!

She closes her eyes
takes  three  deep  breaths
                one                     two                     three
paces    her    heartbeat
relaxes  her  imagination

Sparkling butterflies spread a breeze of perfume
      [ Colorlight ]
Amelia’s face golden-glows under a blissful sun
      [ Ocean waves ]
He hugs her tenderly while kissing her lips

It’s ecstasy day at 2am and she dreams stories I want to live

Amelia floats on the liquid of love and calmness
She bathes in daydreams and forgives
       invents a story weaving strands of reality and dreams
Amelia experiences passion and an ethereal eternity

Reality will come back
Amelia will meet the deadline
          –with a pleasant smile and a fuelled heart
Laundry will be done and emails answered

Amelia rests in the fiction of imaginary realism
Chaos relaxes into ordered fractals

What’s the point of procrastination if love finds you tired?

_____Adriana Citlali


There comes winter

©Adriana Citlali Ramírez 2014

©Adriana Citlali Ramírez 2014

I follow the smoke unaware
Its swirling path mirrors the mist of my thoughts
… or not —I whisper when I catch my wanders

Autumn is almost death
There comes winter and the heavy blackness
… or not —I hope for snow and solar storms
            frosted clouds
     iridescent skies
   chaotic dreams
       french passion
           ephemeral contrast
 flames  red  fire
 skis and snow

_____Adriana Citlali

OpenLinkNight – November 2014 | dVerse Poets Pub.


Full stop

In the absence of distractions   
my own darkness fills this silence   

Change is here again   
Planned path / unknown outcome   
A life to be –or not   

Too much time   
too many thoughts blinking in the dark   

Arbitrary memories flash here and there   
Fractals of a chaotic dream   
Intermittent doubts   

Change is the next step   

A possible success flutters around   
It crashes with uncertainty   
Transmutes into a full stop   

Temporary silence in a dark room   

Change is constant   

Doubts are doubted   

Silence fills my darkness

Full stop  .

_____Adriana Citlali