When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


The jar of a heartbeat


Amelia feels the jar of a heartbeat
wrapped around unspoken words


The phone is ringing
A turmoil of fears clutter her thoughts


Amelia answers
Words are spoken


Amelia releases a secret
Possibilities scatter around


Amelia feels the enchantment of freedom

_____Adriana Citlali

Time for a Quadrille at dVerse: a 44-word poem that has to include today’s word jar.

Source: Quadrille #13 | dVerse


Perplexity all over

Amelia runs through the labyrinth inside the secret room 1101 behind her eyelids, where memories are allowed, desires are contained, possibilities forbidden.
Perplexity all over.

The threat:
            Three bewildered cats danced around Amelia

The range:
            Close encounter within a confined space

The place:
            Not here, not there –not anymore

The match:
            Forbidden realm

The cost:

_____Adriana Citlali

“But the beauty is in the walking — we are betrayed by destinations.”
― Gwyn Thomas

It is Haibun Monday #13 at dVerse, and the theme is walking.
Strictly speaking, this is not a haibun. It’s structure has been inspired by that of haibuns.


I have no intentions, yet I smile

Sharp blue  you!
Will you trick me?         Won’t you enchant me?

Your lips have the magnetism
of a flower high on Stravinsky notes.
I look at them.              Ignore the words.

What’s that curiosity you evoke?
I have no intentions,     yet I smile.

There is distance,         yet you stare.
I wonder if you are curious, if you hope;
if it’s me in your dreams, if you in mine.

Is that a frog?               Is it a spell?
Show me what you hide behind your eyes.
Tell me the incantation, the trap, the escape.

_____Adriana Citlali


The confession

What’s the catch? –you asked   
Tell me your secrets 

Twenty nine thoughts blinked ’round my head 

     I laugh at myself when can’t stop crying
     Sometimes   I cry while laughing
       There are dreams in my reality

     A page in my old diary has not a single truth
     No one knows all my secrets
                     –not even I

     Monotony is usually an unwelcome imposition
     I threw a book to the garbage in 1997
                     –could not finish reading it

     My alarm is set to a prime number
     I have a yellow blouse
                     –worn it once in 2007

     Four black candles live undercover with me
                     –since college
     Black is my colour but it is not

     I prefer strangers over stalkers
     I hid the other day
                     –under a peruvian cover

     I lost a silver earring last month
                     –while skiing
                     –felt like crying

     A new moon reminds me of my grandmother
     When I wish upon a star
                     –I pretend I did not

     There is reality in my odd dreams

     I have migraine twice a month

     I hid two secrets in a poem
          & a confession in a song

     You will never know that

Tell me your secrets

Voiceless      I shared
               a smile with a secret

               disguised an answer under a question mark
You did the talking

_____Adriana Citlali

Poetic Confessions | dVerse


Who are you?

© Adriana Citlali Ramírez 2008

© Adriana Citlali Ramírez 2008

I saw you in the front cover of a magazine  
and wondered who you are    

Your photographer’s name is mentioned  
in an article signed with its author’s name    
         Your  photo  is   there
           the camera’s brand
             the lens
           light conditions
               all is clearly detailed

You  remain  nameless
    &       yet  so  intriguing

                 Who are you?
                  Why do you cover your mouth?
                                         What do you hide?

Your eyes have a secret
                    obvious & vague

I decide to forget you
I do          somehow
                 maybe months

Until I see you again
in that empty land
walking without hesitation
with a sparkle in your eyes
           You are not scared
           maybe concerned or simply happy

Your hands still cover your mouth
                                Is there a smile behind?
                 A word that won’t be expressed?
                         Are you whispering a wish?
             Is there something in your hands?

You intrigue me
make me wonder
       I have to draw you
            solve the mystery
            by deconstructing a moment frozen in a photo
            extract its contrasts
            place strokes       simple lines
            of carbon   on paper
            black and white

I frame the drawing
place it somewhere in my living room
forget about you

Until I see you again
                 Who are you?
You  remain  nameless
                         Are you whispering a wish?
Your eyes have a secret
You intrigue me
                         I wonder why …

_____Adriana Citlali

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