When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…

Passion under icy rain


Write your emotions!    –I hear.
All I can think of is pizza and ice,
or a kiss  and a hand-shake,
vinegar and wine.

That doesn’t make any sense!

Why can’t I express myself coherently today?
All I imagine is passion under icy rain;
random sequences of vivid/lifeless vibes.
Neon lights blinking incessantly.

I open the glass door.
All I feel is the northern wind mixed
with warm air escaping confinement.
There is turbulence in the contrast.

I enter the balcony.
All I sense is a cold,  misty utopia,
spiraling ’round me, like a lasting hug.
I am tired    –will not fight.

               I accept,
my emotions are bewildered.

_____Adriana Citlali

Poetry as a vehicle to transport emotions @ dVerse Poets Pub.

Author: Adriana Citlali Ramírez

A citizen of the world, born in Mexico city... A physicist (working as a geophysicist) and a part-time artist (creative writing, oil/acrylic painting, photography)… All posts, visual art, and poems ©Adriana Citlali Ramírez. All rights reserved.

20 thoughts on “Passion under icy rain

  1. I think we are all bewildered by recent world events. You have captured the kaleidoscope effect of trying to describe emotion. Bravo.

  2. To me, this poem describes nicely a day when I am confused about my own feelings. I could be confused about love or war. The poem still works

  3. i like how you weave all these together – the weather – your thoughts – internal and external – and in this captured the emotion so well

  4. Smiles.. a very smart
    woman.. no doubt you
    are in Geo
    if i am
    correctly now..
    and after achieving
    top of the class status
    and three degrees.. me
    as well.. i went
    a different
    in human
    relations than
    array of facts..
    and so interesting
    it was how much in connection
    of emotions i am.. when working
    with people and not problem
    solving alone.. for almost
    2 decades..
    but back to
    the science of facts
    again.. and after 5 years..
    when the psychiatrist says
    use something other than
    adrenaline to motivate
    yourself.. i have
    zero connection
    in language to
    what my
    are then..
    and how
    they even
    motivate me to do
    anything at all then..
    It is frigging amazing
    that the most important ART
    of human intelligence in the
    ways of moving.. connecting and
    creating.. is almost totally
    left out of school..
    and most areas
    of work today..
    and that is why
    i write my friend..
    to explore those deep
    emotions as a child
    that are mind
    and body
    as me..
    So sure.. dance
    naked in Nature
    is my advice as free..
    as we have oxytocin
    receptors in the bottom
    of our feet to connect to
    Mother Nature when set free..
    And emotions flow through the
    and A write
    track is poeTry
    as poetry
    is A
    SonG of heART
    and poeTry SoNG
    and Dance
    is my way
    to Human Being
    where HeArt reigns
    and KinD
    and CouRAge
    as Human bEinG..
    this have been a very interesting
    prompt.. as one can see how diverse
    this issue is.. even in the world of
    PoeTry as HeART..
    away from
    here the
    is much..
    much greater..
    as there is not even
    any acknowledgment
    of the
    issue of the
    biggest real deal
    of Human Being Real..
    Smiles.. pardon all the
    words.. but HEaRT is
    to me..
    at all costs..
    including words..
    wHere FREE iS FEE..;)

  5. The contrasts you have used here works so well, the cold and warm, the indoors and outdoors and the smell of pizza.. I think confusion is one of the most common feelings I have, but it’s so difficult to put in language.

  6. I like how you have drawn on the elements with trying to understand how you are feeling ~ showing a sense of confusion or bewilderment which as Bjorn has said is difficult to do. The contrasts of pizza and ice, vinegar and wine, kiss or a handshake…you said it doesn’t make sense ~ but to me it does. Enjoyed ~ thank you. Smiles.

  7. Some days I feel the same ~ Specially like:

    There is turbulence in the contrast.

  8. Indeed there are times when our emotions are bewildered. Powerful write.

  9. Indeed there are times when our emotions are bewildered. Powerful write.

  10. love the fluidity of this thought poem about the complexity of emotion that is always plural

    p.s. following your Spanish blog now porque soy estudiante de español y puedo practicar la lectura

    • Thanks for the positive feedback and… gracias pro decidir leer mi blog en español. El Alebrije y la Salamandra ha estado callado por un tiempo. Pero quiero revivirlo y volver a escribir. El tener una nueva seguidora es quizá la motivación que necesitaba. Gracias, de nuevo.

  11. Love your poem, Adriana. The interesting thing with your poem is that even though it talks about confusion and not been able to exprese them, the poem sends vibration on hidden passion.

  12. I think that first stanza makes perfect sense. I enjoyed this quite a bit. Peace, Linda

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