When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…



Just in the last month, Amelia has:
      1) Randomly silenced her phone
      2) Hid five times from her diary
      3) Walked on eggshells around her own thoughts
      4) Slept ten nights with her head under the pillow
      5) Snoozed six rounds for  at least  seven mornings

Amelia is now charged with selfishness
            Oh!    So guilty!     –she accepts.

            Others in pain     –she feels.
Those weeks that might be minutes
the sorrow     the fight of the peaceful
the corrosion of cancer   in a loving body

Amelia now stares at life as it is:
             How easy is to believe,
             bias what we see,
             justify self-pity.

Amelia lies on the sofa & cries

A tear of stillness falls steadily
while more tears follow:
      1) Ten for not acting
      2) Five for delayed reactions
      3) A dozen for not showing care

Amelia is not proud!

She                           now
      feels like hiding

            Oh, but I won’t!     –she dares.
            Not anymore!

_____Adriana Citlali

Source: Open Link Night | dVerse