When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


Did I?

I remembered you red, crimson red, with blue eyes, dark suit. A glare burnt into forced amnesia. A flare that lingered through the fall. Forbidden faint memories, triggered by the echo of my voice —I don’t need you. You don’t need me.    

I saw you after the storm yesterday. Did you say hello? Did I? Your silver eyes smiled, like a secret sparkle. You changed. Did I?    

Winter blossom, scarlet flower.    
So late.   Oh!   So early.
Will you survive this snow storm?

_____Adriana Citlali


There comes winter

©Adriana Citlali Ramírez 2014

©Adriana Citlali Ramírez 2014

I follow the smoke unaware
Its swirling path mirrors the mist of my thoughts
… or not —I whisper when I catch my wanders

Autumn is almost death
There comes winter and the heavy blackness
… or not —I hope for snow and solar storms
            frosted clouds
     iridescent skies
   chaotic dreams
       french passion
           ephemeral contrast
 flames  red  fire
 skis and snow

_____Adriana Citlali

OpenLinkNight – November 2014 | dVerse Poets Pub.


Pervasive fireplace

You are all fired up   
sending flames of distress instead of cozy warmness   

I question you   
Why not colour this night with dancing sparkles?
Why not share your radiant warmness?
Why not show a smoky smile?

You answer in ardent movements
consuming news in abrasive outbursts
flaming this world’s blood reality
No more reminders of hunger
No more reading material
No more war photos
No empty tears
No deception

Your highly exothermic reaction
stops me from approaching you

    Your explosion shakes me

Ignited red paper articles transmute into grey ash

Maybe you are right
We should all flame those words
SHOUT  at   passive acceptance
Question the deaths
the distress
the power

_____Adriana Citlali

NOTE: Tomorrow, 20th November 2014, we officially celebrate the 104th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution. Today it is difficult to argue that the country is in a position to have any celebration. I do not advocate violence, and do not propose to use it either. However, I do advocate a reaction, to not accept this reality, to fight for human rights, for security, for a stop of violence, a human humanity, peace.

I cannot say that I have been active enough… A poem can be a start.

Today’s fired-up poem got surprisingly inspired by a random choice of an adjective and a noun (pervasive fireplace) after Marina Sofia’s prompt at Poetics: Make the Abstract Concrete… | dVerse.

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When rain cannot embrace aridity

Rain outside

The room
the air
Brown foliage ready for fire
Dilated eyes tired of nothing

Sharp rhythms and rain outside

A candle dries her visions

Petals thinking in red
Begging for heat

She is not here
The air withers her spirit
Fades her passion

Brown pupils loosing control
Falling into pieces
Like dead flowers touched by the wind

The lightning is far
The noise
                  right here

Rain is not outside