When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


**Psychedelic anticipation

Intermittent blue-brightness
  Unsteady sparkles
*  *  *  Fluorescent flashes   *  *

Insomniac Amelia pretends to sleep

Blaring lines propagate inside closed eyelids
Dizzying roller-coaster glow-rides

Amelia deep-dives in psychedelic night

Gleaming clock-light marks minutes
      with brassband effusion

Confusion      *     Distortion
   Moody hallucinations

Exhausted, Amelia decides to STOP
*    *  Electric spirals fight her desires
Amelia imposes a waltz dance
  *     A rainbow-on-acid offers a ride

Amelia thinks of dawn

Monettian smoothness

Satie-an soft-piano      fades  away

Amelia sleeps…

_____Adriana Citlali

dVerse Poets Pub –today’s word is dawn.


Poetry blindness

I come to a state of poetry blindness but I chose to write. I write about the challenge of crafting a haibun out of a true birthday story, or a big-looking moon, or both. I struggle and start strolling down a spiral that repeats itself, but not exactly. I write about it. I strive to write about my recent birthday flying west through an extended night, and the closest moon to the Earth since 1948. I wonder if the blindness is real or if it is a consequence of the struggle that keeps curving my path. I chose to write. Super Moon. Birthday. Both. Challenge. Choice. Moon. Day.

Dark November hours — thoughts
trapped in curves without closure
until brightness fills the sky

_____Adriana Citlali

Haibun Monday | dVerse


Silver with a dash of blue

I saw a silverbird the other day. We greeted each other as curious strangers –with a subtle eye recognition,         at   the  distance.
Silverbirds are known to be reserved.

One moonless night, he came to my window and sang a spellbinding song —Just for me!
I waited impatiently each sunset for darkness; darkness dazzled by that ephemeral song.
Then came the midnight sun.

Unbreakable until then, I did not understand the spiral I was falling into. I longed for crystalline enchantment, longed for the song.
In dizzying sunlight, my steps trembled.

I fell and broke.

_____Adriana Citlali

For dVerse | Poets Pub’s challenge to write a poem using the first person –-an apparent first person (maybe).


I know you left

I had a nightmare last night.
I wanted to be a straight line but kept bending
     into runaway curves
that circle themselves before moving afar.

 ©2015 Adriana Citlali Ramírez

©2015 Adriana Citlali Ramírez

I know you are leaving.
Did I turn my eyes too fast?
Was I too abstract? –I wonder.
                    Good bye my dear …

I will not sleep tonight.
We do not need each other.
I’m a dash of colour in your dual world;
          lost in the carpet of black
          that covers your light.

I struggle to see your brightness these days.
Though I remember the sparkle
you showed when you held my hand
and touched my lips.
     Will you kiss me again
          with that confused confidence you did then?

   A deadline was reached.
You will walk that straight line.
I will follow my irregular spiral.

We do not need each other.
               Will I kiss you again?

Good bye my stranger…

_____Adriana Citlali

Written for

Poetics: Black and White | dVerse.