When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…

The confession


What’s the catch? –you asked   
Tell me your secrets 

Twenty nine thoughts blinked ’round my head 

     I laugh at myself when can’t stop crying
     Sometimes   I cry while laughing
       There are dreams in my reality

     A page in my old diary has not a single truth
     No one knows all my secrets
                     –not even I

     Monotony is usually an unwelcome imposition
     I threw a book to the garbage in 1997
                     –could not finish reading it

     My alarm is set to a prime number
     I have a yellow blouse
                     –worn it once in 2007

     Four black candles live undercover with me
                     –since college
     Black is my colour but it is not

     I prefer strangers over stalkers
     I hid the other day
                     –under a peruvian cover

     I lost a silver earring last month
                     –while skiing
                     –felt like crying

     A new moon reminds me of my grandmother
     When I wish upon a star
                     –I pretend I did not

     There is reality in my odd dreams

     I have migraine twice a month

     I hid two secrets in a poem
          & a confession in a song

     You will never know that

Tell me your secrets

Voiceless      I shared
               a smile with a secret

               disguised an answer under a question mark
You did the talking

_____Adriana Citlali

Poetic Confessions | dVerse

Author: Adriana Citlali Ramírez

A citizen of the world, born in Mexico city... A physicist (working as a geophysicist) and a part-time artist (creative writing, oil/acrylic painting, photography)… All posts, visual art, and poems ©Adriana Citlali Ramírez. All rights reserved.

18 thoughts on “The confession

  1. Adriana, I really, REALLY like this. Very cleverly written. I liked all of those ‘confessions.’ Together they form a picture and show personality and vulnerability. Your poem shows the allure of secrets, I think. Both the large ones and the small!

  2. Oh!!! I love, love your last four lines and for me, your thoughts about dreams and the moon and stars…these were some of my favorites but I love the abstract yet concrete images that flow throughout…really enjoyed this, Adriana!!

  3. I feel like crying too when I lose my jewelry pieces ~

    Nice confessions & lovely to know a little more about you ~

  4. I lost a little diamond earring given to my by my mother and aunts that I wore in my second – for 20 years. I did cry. And I hope next time you wish upon a star, it comes true for you. Wonderful confessions and it does lead me to wonder, which are true? doesn’t really matter, they are all of them interesting.

  5. The way you have written this is so creative and endearing. I like the flow of it and the way you’ve included so many different personal confessions that help the reader get to know you better. It’s altogether a very beautiful piece of writing.

  6. This had that personal touch. Some feelings that we cannot really express for the fear that people won’t understand. Great writing…

  7. This is truly wonderful.. The small truths are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle ..land to me the smile at the end ties back to the crying in the end, and those deep secrets we never tell..those we not even tell ourselves…

  8. Oh, bravo… Amazing job; so many little confessions, some true to me as well.

    especially, When I wish upon a star
    –I pretend I did not – I’m always the 1st to say wishes don’t come true, but maybe I’m wrong.

  9. Nicely done, small and big confessions.

  10. Why do people always assume that the subject of a poem is the writer?
    This does not happen so often in other type of narrative. The poem is an independent item.

    I think your poem is great. It speaks of a round person that has a past, dreams, and secrets. I do not care to know if this secret or that belongs to you. I do not need to know what you were thinking when you wrote it. I care to read it, as it speaks to me and makes me view myself in more than one of those confessions. I like the black candles a lot, by the way. I am trying to decide what they mean to me.

    • You are right. Poetry tends to be (or to read) more personal than creative prose. I also view a poem as an independent entity. In this case, I did tag it within the “more about me” category, thus hinting that there is some true to it.

      Anyway, back to topic. I agree with you even in this case. A poem has to be able to stand by itself, and I strive to write that way.

      Thanks for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts!

  11. really liked this – one of your best – I could feel the conversation taking place.

  12. Ah, very very interesting piece – you talk about your secrets and confessions so well, and then hide them too. Loved it.

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