When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


Amelia and the fall

The underground’s entrance is a clown’s mouth   

Amelia thought of the path she used to walk   
         eternal afternoons   
         blissy oblivion   
         shiny silence   
Then came the fall –she whispered — & death   

Mysterious smile   

Two days ago she longed for that path
     yearned for its scent
     missed the idea of it
     or so she thought

 _ DiStortEd nostalgia __

Yesterday she stumbled upon the entrance
      where she drew a cat
         where he drew a box
           to shelter her mark

Expired unreality

A lonely cat was there
    facing the snow and the rain
    unprotected    smiling under an absent cover
    not suspecting      its own delusion

Failed utopia

Amelia shed a tear —I need to see a box?   It was here!  Right here!     Right   h e r e
Erase this non-existence!    Let it appear!    Let me be  blind!  let  me  forget
Let that single memory be real!  Let  
–Amelia … — AHHHHHHH!

A past that might had never occurred lies under the eyes of a clown

_____Adriana Citlali

Open Link Night #145 | dVerse.


It’s time

You probably forgot  
that late January   or February  
  a year        or ten                  or a century ago  

Dream-like memory
                    a bad one

It’s time to go   –You dressed up      (for me?       maybe)
                   good-looking coat & hat
                  That winter coat we bought one summer
                  purchased                  never worn    before
                  You knew I liked it

I wondered   if you listened
          if my words were spoken
Was I confused       by chaos          imminent change?

Voice & sound remained absent
There was snow on the ground
I knew the truth
we were         not together   anymore

A night with friends  
not-a-date         just together    somehow

                 Mixed-up drinks          –ours
               Bewildering remarks          –yours

 Silent smiles  (forced)          puzzle sights  (transparent)     –mine

Did  you    reject those  words?
  Can   I      retract?

 We shared a bed that night
 Voiceless dreams     dug our hearts     –or mine
 At dawn    no words
__ we knew the truth __     –or I

_____Adriana Citlali

Open Link Night #144 | dVerse


The confession

What’s the catch? –you asked   
Tell me your secrets 

Twenty nine thoughts blinked ’round my head 

     I laugh at myself when can’t stop crying
     Sometimes   I cry while laughing
       There are dreams in my reality

     A page in my old diary has not a single truth
     No one knows all my secrets
                     –not even I

     Monotony is usually an unwelcome imposition
     I threw a book to the garbage in 1997
                     –could not finish reading it

     My alarm is set to a prime number
     I have a yellow blouse
                     –worn it once in 2007

     Four black candles live undercover with me
                     –since college
     Black is my colour but it is not

     I prefer strangers over stalkers
     I hid the other day
                     –under a peruvian cover

     I lost a silver earring last month
                     –while skiing
                     –felt like crying

     A new moon reminds me of my grandmother
     When I wish upon a star
                     –I pretend I did not

     There is reality in my odd dreams

     I have migraine twice a month

     I hid two secrets in a poem
          & a confession in a song

     You will never know that

Tell me your secrets

Voiceless      I shared
               a smile with a secret

               disguised an answer under a question mark
You did the talking

_____Adriana Citlali

Poetic Confessions | dVerse