When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


On dancing while the music lasts

Contact without attachment   
Expanded freedom   
      limited space


tempo    step step      smile
            quick quick    slow
             one two     turn

feel the breeze
move your hair
spin spin    spin again!

sense passion at the touch
   (stranger’s hand)

close your eyes
detach your body

mark the steps
play the game

let him lead
each step
every turn
till the end


exchange no names
               no leads
no consequences

_____Adriana Citlali



Road rhythm

Amelia travels the road    again   
The air smells of music with a taste of sun     

Golden road rhythm and fresh sky for breakfast    

Amelia drives north seeking a mirror  
where to finally look at the naked reflection  
of her true eyes
    her many highlights

Midday bright drums and a dash of coffee for lunch  

Amelia controls the speed  
Eager to arrive does not want to rush  

Spring blossoms and harmony afternoon tea  

Flat tire  
  Unexpected   rain  
Dinner with moonlit village  
A dance to the fire of a pleasant rest  

Amelia is heading north

_____Adriana Citlali


Inspired by the prompt at POETICS: Rhythm of the road | dVerse.


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When space is silence…

I would like to share some contemporary poetry, along with thoughts and personal reflexions with you. I believe in organic projects, hence, this blog is destined to evolve with me and my audience — if any…

When I write poetry, sometimes I feel that perfect punctuation is necessary. More often, I realize that some of the punctuation is not needed, just like some of the words originally filling a stanza can be removed. In poetry, less is definitely more…Very often, I strongly feel that the words themselves in harmony with blank space can dictate the rhythm and silences of a poem. By allowing the words and the space create the rhythm, I believe I can almost paint a blank page with words. This is part of my voice, of my signature. This is my view.

I hope you enjoy some of my black and white paintings based on words.

Adriana Citlali