When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…

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Amelia in the dark

      What do you do when life comes crashing
                                      into you
like a sound-machine                 that can’t emit silence?

What do I do when January darkness hits me in mid-November? –Amelia questions the lightless air surrounding her. The lightless bricks that keep arranging themselves in front of her eyes. Those perfectly placed fractals that make her feel that life is upside down. Amelia is transported by a speedless rollercoaster into an augmented reality that keeps projecting dark into her irides   .  .  .    Amelia shakes her head —This, too, shall pass.

The clouds up there    dissolve    into fluttering dust.
With one eye open                       Amelia spins back to silence.

_____Adriana Citlali


The capture

Nick Gentry creates artistic pieces with obsolete media. This poem was inspired by the piece titled Capture made with film negatives.       

Capture  ©Nick Gentry http://www.nickgentry.com/

©Nick Gentry

Eyes hidden behind a veil   
of frozen memories   
    &  stolen stillness   

Kissable lips   
Alluring hair   
Cheeks stamped by a shady past   

You are
    elusive     yet I try

I draw your nose with summer-dress scent
your mouth is now a spring haiku
Your neck I explain with fire
            a house
            & a moonlit lake

Your soft words are easy to catch
I hold them between my hands
I blow                     I let them   go

I capture you    all       but your  eyes
Your dark slippery eyes hold a secret

I observe you
    stare at your irides
    gaze at the fog

You are but a mystery
behind an obvious silhouette
Attractively uninviting

You wear a static past
Your past?

_____Adriana Citlali

dVerse | Poetics


Amelia thanks joy — Amelia thanks depression

Amelia contemplated the layers of a day to be thankful.
Joy,      she thanked:

Today I thought of you            maybe
I longed the idea of you         certainly

I missed a smile that  once  made me believe in eternity
that messy hair and the way we laughed at jokes no one else understood
the intimacy
           the transparency we allowed in each others eyes

Today I thought of you            maybe
I thanked the idea of you         certainly

Amelia’s hands are cold. The clouds are low, the snow is wet.
Depression,      she thanked:

Today I longed a memory of you         but not the darkness
I missed the stereo                               not the eggshell carpet
neither the sadness nor the distance
      of those slow days when I felt scared
I don’t miss how the brightness in your irides dimmed
or how that foggy shadow covered it all          us all

Today I forgive the shadow         the fog and your pain
I thank the struggle                        though I can’t forget

In a world of contrasts, Amelia knows tears as an extension of laughter.
Amelia thanks depression.     Amelia thanks joy.

_____Adriana Citlali

Meeting The Bar: Thanksgiving Turkey with a side of Poetry | dVerse.


Room 101

What do you hide behind your irides?

I hide butterflies
a chameleon
and a feather

No, that’s not right
It is eight butterflies
no  worms
ten caterpillars and two serpents
odd numbers plus a prime and an irrational
three fractions
one theorem
a chameleon
and a blue feather

_____Adriana Citlali

Written for Open Link Night ~ Week 101 | dVerse –today Tony Maude reminded us of Orwell’s room 101 in 1984 … what’s in your room?