When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


Death and jazz

I think of you and wonder ’bout    
death and cycles    
dawns or sunsets    

It’s all mixed up    
blended into amorphous impressions    

Unseen thoughts
                  right here
Old jazz inside my head

Music fused with closure
maybe also melancholy
or serenity

Is it freedom or tragedy
across the boundary?

I think ’bout me and wonder
dawns or sunsets

Is it only jazz inside my head?

_____Adriana Citlali

This jazzy poem got inspired by a recent trip to New Orleans and Björn’s words at dVerse Pub’s Open Link Night #159.

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The aztec dream

The Aztec Dream

I want to join that sweet abyss of lethargic dreams
where consciousness is optional
and memories are allowed to disappear

I fear the seconds
the light and the person in the mirror
the one who can’t appreciate solitude

I long for distance, silence
Those ghostly noises can only talk about you

This suffocating reality
                               is an endless bad dream

I want to wake up
disintegrate the nightmare

Join the ancient aztecs in their rhythmic dance
invoke a new sun
wake up to real life


This poem is dedicated to Charlie’s friend…