When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


Poetry blindness

I come to a state of poetry blindness but I chose to write. I write about the challenge of crafting a haibun out of a true birthday story, or a big-looking moon, or both. I struggle and start strolling down a spiral that repeats itself, but not exactly. I write about it. I strive to write about my recent birthday flying west through an extended night, and the closest moon to the Earth since 1948. I wonder if the blindness is real or if it is a consequence of the struggle that keeps curving my path. I chose to write. Super Moon. Birthday. Both. Challenge. Choice. Moon. Day.

Dark November hours — thoughts
trapped in curves without closure
until brightness fills the sky

_____Adriana Citlali

Haibun Monday | dVerse



Fear is a darkened rose

Fear is a rose with black mask.
Fear is what makes us move.
It is the next step we ought to take.
the uncertainty of turning left or right.
I fear me, I, all and nothing.

Then I walk. I take the road… I step out.
I fall, I run, I dance, I jump.

Fear is the fuel that motivates the one
who thinks challenges are exhilarating
escapades, possibilites, non-sense.

Uncover the rose with me.
Challenge your limits.
Jump those barriers.
Dance with me.

_____Adriana Citlali

This poem was inspired by Grace’s verse “Darkness was just a rose with black mask“, in everyday amazing: Nightscape. This poem is a free verse first attempt. No editing whatsoever… Free to be Free – Meet the Bar | dVerse.


I need to disappear

Photo by IndigoBlue

  Cover my irides from all light   

  Let the people around fade slowly   
                                 –smoke dissipating into peaceful darkness   
  Cover my ears from coherent sounds   
                                 –random noise losing its volume  
  Let me lie down   

      My lightless wings grow gently   
                –serene brush strokes by a faceless painter  
      I open my arms  
            hug the warmth of absence
            of flying without movement
            of dreaming with no light

      When I need to disappear
                 I melt into a dark-winged angel
                    & fly unaffected by this world

_____Adriana Citlali

Today I read Debi Swim’s blog. I bumped into Death of a Poet, a poem inspired by the photo from indigoblue posted above and the prompt at Poem Tryouts: Take Wing. The photo is artistic and thought-provoking –I had to write a poem!


Dark, bleeding, noiseless days

Monday was dark  
         scented with coffee  
         as northern fog  

         –you said
can let those colours bleed
         –I stared

Today is noiseless
         only peaceful whispers
         with inky voices

_____Adriana Citlali

The words I just wrote are my first try at tenWord poetry –a form invented by Brian Miller.

In Brian’s words:
“I call this one tenWord, because after ten words no one is listening anyway, or already formulating their response…and what can you say in ten words…”



The capture

Nick Gentry creates artistic pieces with obsolete media. This poem was inspired by the piece titled Capture made with film negatives.       

Capture  ©Nick Gentry http://www.nickgentry.com/

©Nick Gentry

Eyes hidden behind a veil   
of frozen memories   
    &  stolen stillness   

Kissable lips   
Alluring hair   
Cheeks stamped by a shady past   

You are
    elusive     yet I try

I draw your nose with summer-dress scent
your mouth is now a spring haiku
Your neck I explain with fire
            a house
            & a moonlit lake

Your soft words are easy to catch
I hold them between my hands
I blow                     I let them   go

I capture you    all       but your  eyes
Your dark slippery eyes hold a secret

I observe you
    stare at your irides
    gaze at the fog

You are but a mystery
behind an obvious silhouette
Attractively uninviting

You wear a static past
Your past?

_____Adriana Citlali

dVerse | Poetics