When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


Passion under icy rain

Write your emotions!    –I hear.
All I can think of is pizza and ice,
or a kiss  and a hand-shake,
vinegar and wine.

That doesn’t make any sense!

Why can’t I express myself coherently today?
All I imagine is passion under icy rain;
random sequences of vivid/lifeless vibes.
Neon lights blinking incessantly.

I open the glass door.
All I feel is the northern wind mixed
with warm air escaping confinement.
There is turbulence in the contrast.

I enter the balcony.
All I sense is a cold,  misty utopia,
spiraling ’round me, like a lasting hug.
I am tired    –will not fight.

               I accept,
my emotions are bewildered.

_____Adriana Citlali

Poetry as a vehicle to transport emotions @ dVerse Poets Pub.




The lights are off       The music  on

It rains    outside   

         You could not remember
         I deceive
         The air had your smell
         Complicity-perfumed breeze
         I could not care anymore
         Conniving wind
         Extended stillness
         Passion-scented stillness
         You lied

The night is on   

After-rain freshness enters my unreality   

The air has your breeze

You are close

I dream

I lie

_____Adriana Citlali

Tonight I am writing under the influence of beautiful, melancholic music.

OpenLinkNight at dVerse


Where’s the respect?

L:   Ohh! How I hate slush!
      and those icy roads
      threatening our contact

R:   Her voice! Her voice complaining
      that our touch is too smooth
      Too slick for the season

L:   Unbelievable!
      Where is the respect?
      When was style forgotten?

R:   The bitch fell down
       So what?
       Everyone falls someday

L:    Winter is coming
      dark days ahead
      back into that closet

R:   Soon forgotten!
       while that bulky pair
       makes the rounds

L:   Oh! So unfair!
      How I hate that stuffy couple
      heavy and slow

R:   They’ve got no manners
      no etiquette
      no heels, no style

L:    Can’t breath here
       it’s too crowded
      I miss the rain …

_____Adriana Citlali


Where's the respect?

Where’s the respect?

This poem is written for dVerse Poetics: A mile in these Shoes.

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When rain cannot embrace aridity

Rain outside

The room
the air
Brown foliage ready for fire
Dilated eyes tired of nothing

Sharp rhythms and rain outside

A candle dries her visions

Petals thinking in red
Begging for heat

She is not here
The air withers her spirit
Fades her passion

Brown pupils loosing control
Falling into pieces
Like dead flowers touched by the wind

The lightning is far
The noise
                  right here

Rain is not outside