When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


Shades of silence

A  song  cycles  incessantly  through  this  penumbra
   The midnight glow left that day
                                     scared    by  a  stranger

Unfitting ending of  a  startling night
Prelude of a labyrinthic chat

I left you that dawn
There was    perplexity in your eyes
                      disturbance in mine

It wasn’t confusion that crushed clouds into thunderstorm
It wasn’t my body    disheartened by your words
Nor    the discussion you wrongly forgot

Unfitting closure of  a  labyrinthic yarn
Prelude of a divergent path

The shades of silence are to blame
   All  colours    we left out
   A  touch    that was not felt


_____Adriana Citlali

Written for Seeking Some Shade Today? | dVerse


Silver with a dash of blue

I saw a silverbird the other day. We greeted each other as curious strangers –with a subtle eye recognition,         at   the  distance.
Silverbirds are known to be reserved.

One moonless night, he came to my window and sang a spellbinding song —Just for me!
I waited impatiently each sunset for darkness; darkness dazzled by that ephemeral song.
Then came the midnight sun.

Unbreakable until then, I did not understand the spiral I was falling into. I longed for crystalline enchantment, longed for the song.
In dizzying sunlight, my steps trembled.

I fell and broke.

_____Adriana Citlali

For dVerse | Poets Pub’s challenge to write a poem using the first person –-an apparent first person (maybe).


Structured procrastination past midnight

Amelia feels stressed and distressed
  Too tired for productivity
  Too late for adventure
  Too busy for love
  Too early for bed

She looks at the pile of laundry
          –reminds her of one hundred unanswered emails
  Oh,  sweet procrastination!
Amelia runs the dishwasher and sweeps the floor
while adding items to a mental list
    Amelia remembers the big day with a personal deadline
Unclaimed thoughts disrupt her prioritisation attempt
tasks  deadlines  duties  hobbies  meetings  love  notes  reports  reviews  jazz  hopes  reminders  clocks
tik                          tok                     tik                tok           tik         tok      tiK   tIK TIK!

Amelia’s heart is up-tempo
          –her knees flutter like humming-bird wings
   She lies down       –right there    right then
            Amelia scrolls her options
  No time for therapy
  No reason to cry
  No energy to laugh
  No mood for exercise
  No peace for yoga
  No!  NO!

Amelia takes control!

She closes her eyes
takes  three  deep  breaths
                one                     two                     three
paces    her    heartbeat
relaxes  her  imagination

Sparkling butterflies spread a breeze of perfume
      [ Colorlight ]
Amelia’s face golden-glows under a blissful sun
      [ Ocean waves ]
He hugs her tenderly while kissing her lips

It’s ecstasy day at 2am and she dreams stories I want to live

Amelia floats on the liquid of love and calmness
She bathes in daydreams and forgives
       invents a story weaving strands of reality and dreams
Amelia experiences passion and an ethereal eternity

Reality will come back
Amelia will meet the deadline
          –with a pleasant smile and a fuelled heart
Laundry will be done and emails answered

Amelia rests in the fiction of imaginary realism
Chaos relaxes into ordered fractals

What’s the point of procrastination if love finds you tired?

_____Adriana Citlali