When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


Sakura Matsuri

Come –
see real blossoms
of this painful world
            by Basho

I miss the days when suicide was not a normal word. Those days when we daydreamed about the places we would travel, the smiles we would laugh, the freedom we’d reclaim, the success, and joy. Do you remember that sunny day when we drove to the Texan Hill Country? The bluebonnets and wildflower blossoms? What was the colour of the sky?

Under a tree
a hurtful word fades out —
cherry petals colour the sky

_____Adriana Citlali

Haibun Monday #10: Hanami | dVerse


Take me further

Push those clouds     a  w  a  y     . . .

Kick  them!         Far!                     far     a  w  a  y   

Take  me                                            f  u  r  t  h  e  r

                              S  c  e  n  t      m  y      s  k  y     w  i  t  h

                                                   golden sunflowers

                          glowing honey                             velvety warmth

                 cinnamon ray-paths                                     freshly-cut dawn

                           smooth dewdrops                            cacao  hints

                                     a first love kiss    &   ephemeral youth

                              E  n  h  a  n  c  e      m  y      s  e  n  s  e   s

                              L  o  s  e      c   o  n t  r  o  l 

                              F  r  e  e       m  e


_____Adriana Citlali


Permission to dream

– Writing to the Art of Danny Gregory –a combination of polished and spontaneous creation | at dVerse Poets Pub

©Danny Gregory 2013

©Danny Gregory 2013

The monk said I shall remove all thoughts
                                          all moods
                                          all colours
   … a blank mind  

      Eyelids closed
      Vocal chords relaxed
      Arms not comfortable
I change position            Concentrate
   … blank mind    
              not everything is white
              should it be white?

      Follow my breathing
   … blank mind    
               is that tune a bolero?
      Noiseless breathing
   … blank mind !!!    
   … blank mind ! !    
   … blank mind !    

…               waves touch my body

               soft sand slipping through my fingers
              the sun is warm
              blue sky


      Eyelids closed
      Noiseless breathing
      Willingness to forget all thoughts
   … blank mind           ocean
      Comfortable position
   … blank mind    

     Maybe emptiness is black
   … black mind           children laughing
     Maybe emptiness is dark
   … dark mind           not dark enough
     Face on my pillow
   … dark mind           darker?
     Eyelids tightly closed
   … dark mind           darker
   … dark mind           
   … dark

    …           waves

              blue sky

              I run & smile

              blue sky

              I fly


   … magic mind        …       I dream        …

_____Adriana Citlali


Cherry jam

Amelia feels desperate    
   She  is   upset    
        maybe  sad    
       out  of  focus    

a bit here    
        a   bit         there

Amelia is   angry   with the world
because the sky is cloudy
     without shedding any snow
the trees are leafless
     thin and mostly quiet
     (smart birds emigrated already)

Amelia wants to shout
 punch  a pillow     with ever-changing faces
                          *** of  you ***
                         the nameless you
                       the one too slow at the checkout counter
                       the one who can’t stop texting
                       the one who hurts
                  the ones bleeding those countries
                  the spammers
                     bad jokers
                     sore losers
                     ungraceful winners
          the dreamers and the romantics
             pragmatics   &   escapists

Amelia talked to the mirror: It is so dark outside!
                                          so many tasks to finish
                                          so many loose ends
                                    so …

Amelia felt hungry
maybe arrogant
                  Nothing more than a bad day

Amelia ate a piece of bread
with butter and cherry jam
                  Tasty    –she thought
                  The northern lights are behind these clouds
                  ready to light up the sky and my days

_____Adriana Citlali

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