When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…

Gently dare to sweep me off my heels


Never spice up my silent words
      –heal my thirst with colour raindrops.

Not ever ask for crystalline statements
      –casually provoke through enigmatic eyes.

Don’t ever mention pearled utopia
      –only add private dreams to a stolen kiss.

Do ever draw a clandestine smile
      –before you slowly drug my velvet lips.

Now erase my spare composure
      –smoothly lead this spellbound dance.

_____Adriana Citlali

Author: Adriana Citlali Ramírez

A citizen of the world, born in Mexico city... A physicist (working as a geophysicist) and a part-time artist (creative writing, oil/acrylic painting, photography)… All posts, visual art, and poems ©Adriana Citlali Ramírez. All rights reserved.

9 thoughts on “Gently dare to sweep me off my heels

  1. hmmm… love the intimacy… so much in a kiss and a dance and what it can lead to..

  2. Randy, smart, romantic & bang on with modifiers, this piece shimmers with sensuality. The third stanza works best for me. Foreplay becomes a lost art, unfortunately, after decades of marriage, but when it is included, magic time occurs.

  3. I like the play between opposites: don’t do this, but do this instead. Nicely sensual.

  4. There is human
    magic in taboo..
    ‘history’ shows
    it over and
    truly smart
    folks learn
    from history
    and quiet

  5. I love the combo of “spare composure,” especially.

  6. I like the invitation to the spellbound dance ~

  7. The crystalline statement if like a declaration of love the invitation to a dance… wonderful

  8. Lovely piece.

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