When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


A flowy passage

Amelia looks at the water where moonlight transmutes into a flowy passage. She wonders how it would be to walk such path. Would it free her? Would it liberate all fears? She imagines fears released and flying away like colourful butterflies. Amelia observes the night, the fluttery rainbow leaving her body as she walks forward.

_____Adriana Citlali

Poetic prose in 55 words. Written for the Flash 55 PLUS! challenge.


Butterflies are dreamy flowers

   They fly the skies,
     color the wind
 and follow the stars,
    just like a dream.

  They’d like you to join
 and play with the clouds.
  They’d like you to enjoy
and smile. There’s no doubt!

_____Adriana Citlali


Over at dVerse, Victoria encourages us to write poetry for children. My muse today was on a completely different spirit, though, as you can read in “A passing shadow“. So I must confess that writing a poem for children has been a real and fun challenge. I tried my best…