When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…

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A conflict

Air without wind   
           –I’m asking for movement

Desire covered by emptiness   
Hope where fantasy died
           –I’m still asking for motion

  Clouds walking with birds   

                Leaves in windy spirals

           Breeze touching my lips

                      –I am amused by this!

_____Adriana Citlali


Cherry jam

Amelia feels desperate    
   She  is   upset    
        maybe  sad    
       out  of  focus    

a bit here    
        a   bit         there

Amelia is   angry   with the world
because the sky is cloudy
     without shedding any snow
the trees are leafless
     thin and mostly quiet
     (smart birds emigrated already)

Amelia wants to shout
 punch  a pillow     with ever-changing faces
                          *** of  you ***
                         the nameless you
                       the one too slow at the checkout counter
                       the one who can’t stop texting
                       the one who hurts
                  the ones bleeding those countries
                  the spammers
                     bad jokers
                     sore losers
                     ungraceful winners
          the dreamers and the romantics
             pragmatics   &   escapists

Amelia talked to the mirror: It is so dark outside!
                                          so many tasks to finish
                                          so many loose ends
                                    so …

Amelia felt hungry
maybe arrogant
                  Nothing more than a bad day

Amelia ate a piece of bread
with butter and cherry jam
                  Tasty    –she thought
                  The northern lights are behind these clouds
                  ready to light up the sky and my days

_____Adriana Citlali

Today @dVersePoets Pub we have Poetics of Bread.


Butterflies are dreamy flowers

   They fly the skies,
     color the wind
 and follow the stars,
    just like a dream.

  They’d like you to join
 and play with the clouds.
  They’d like you to enjoy
and smile. There’s no doubt!

_____Adriana Citlali


Over at dVerse, Victoria encourages us to write poetry for children. My muse today was on a completely different spirit, though, as you can read in “A passing shadow“. So I must confess that writing a poem for children has been a real and fun challenge. I tried my best…